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The REAL You is committed to creating a success continuum for youth, families, and our community. We are passionate about effective and sustainable health equity for all, by providing prevention education and health promotion to close the community health gap.

Our vision is that every individual realizes their full caliber, embraces a healthy sense of self and are motivated and empowered to manage their overall well-being.

About Monica

Monica’s community outreach includes grassroots community organizing,  learning & development, and ongoing capacity building efforts that mobilize healthy neighborhoods, schools, and communities. As Monica became more skilled and knowledgeable about wellness she shifted into activism, empowerment, and assertive communication for the individual, this ignited her to launch The R.E.A.L.You, LLC  “Realizing Every Advantage in Life”. Monica is passionate about helping women and youth elevate their caliber by defining a clear vision, setting, and accomplishing goals that will produce the outcomes that they desire and deserve.

I was able to receive amazing coaching regarding assertiveness and how it applies and translates to obtaining as well as maintaining healthy relationships. Monica did a wonderful job on breaking down what assertiveness meant and really took her time with ensuring I was able to practice and put into motion the coaching I received. I highly recommend assertiveness coaching with The REAL You, it will open your mind to a brand new way of thinking and getting positive results with your relationships!!!

Rebecca C

Monica’s coaching made a difference in how I was able to advocate for my child and her education. I wasn’t sure on how to proceed when my daughter’s school was less than helpful in resolving an issue they overlooked but with Monica’s coaching we’re working towards a solution that works for us. We could have easily been pushed aside and have my child’s education denied. I appreciate your help Monica.

Danielle F

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